Understanding Descriptive Real Estate Terms or Buzz Words


If you’re a real estate agent or a homeowner offering your home up for sale in the real estate market, then you should know that one of the ways to attract potential buyers is to make use of descriptive real estate terms or buzz words. These buzz words can paint a very good description of your property, inspiring potential buyers to take the plunge and buy the property. However, buzz words can also work against you and turn potential clients off if you do not use buzz words accurately.

Common Buzz Words and What They Oftentimes Mean

Here is a short list of common buzz words and how to use them properly.

  • Cozy. When interested buyers hear or read the term cozy, they automatically think of a warm and comforting place, some place like their grandma’s kitchen or a living room with a fireplace. However, some unscrupulous sellers and real estate agents use the term cozy to describe a cramped place. If the house that you’re selling is small, then be honest about it. Better yet, give the floor areas of each room so your potential buyers will know what to expect.
  • Lots of possibilities, needs some work, and diamond in the rough. While these terms give potential buyers the impression that they can turn an old property into something grand, you should know that these buzz words are one of the most misleading and most clichéd terms used in the real estate market. This basically means that the seller or real estate agent is selling a crappy property and hiding the fact by describing it with flowery words. If you are an honest person and you know that your home really does have lots of possibilities and that it really is a diamond-in-the-rough that needs some work (okay, a lot of work!), then say so. Be honest about it. In fact, tell your potential buyers about these possibilities, what needs to be done to turn them into reality, and how much it will cost them. They’ll appreciate you more for being honest.
  • Just steps from, walk-able neighborhood, and accessible. Most buyers are interested in purchasing prime properties, especially those near convenience stores, malls, hospitals, schools, fire and police department etc., and these are just some of the buzz words that most sellers and real estate agents use to attract potential clients. Yes, the properties for sale may be these things, if they use their cars and drive several blocks or a couple of miles, that is. Now, if you want to use these terms to describe your property, then state the distance to, for example, the nearest mall or the nearest hospital. Don’t just give your buyers a vague idea of the true distance, but be very honest about it.

An Honest Seller Attracts Buyers

The real estate market may seem like a huge world of its own, but you will be surprised to know how small it really is. People know people, may he be a buyer who’s looking for a good property or an honest or dishonest buyer or real estate agent who’s using buzz words in the hopes of selling their properties quickly. If you’ve been tagged as a dishonest seller or real estate agent who loves using misleading buzz words, then it will be very hard for you to earn the trust of future buyers. Inspections by a reputable appraisal management company can help guarantee and allow more transparency.  Remember, word does get around, especially in the real estate industry.