7 Tips when listing your property


So you have the perfect property to you wish to rent. It’s all cleaned up and ready to have someone to move in. Only problem is… you’d don’t have a renter yet!

There’s alot of approaches to alleviate this problem but a simple one is creating a classified ad of your property on a site such as craigslist.org.

Here are 7 tips to help you get your rental filled quick!

1.) Be creative. You are selling your rentals perks.

2.) Add sizzle. 

3.) Lots of pictures. Have a click-able linked gallery.

4.) LOTS of information. Every detail you can think of. This saves you time with applicants calling asking questions about the rental that are deal breakers for them. IOW’s let the CL ad do the sales job for you.

5.) I give each unit for rent a theme. This theme is

“it’s a BIG HOUSE.” Lots of storage. LOTS OF Room.

“and it’s Oh so RETRO.” Take a negative and turn it into a positive.  

6.) Create excitement! I’ve got them singing the tune in their heads “She’s a BIG House. Come cramped people and check me out” I’ve found applicants love a ham. I mean down right corny. Surprised me actually. Very true tho. People remember your ad. I get calls all the time from applicants who tell me they love my ads. They want all the details and they like all the pictures.

* Many of the applicants come to the showing with my CL printed out. All are in color! LOL

7.) “Have fun with it!” There is no written rule that being a Landlord and renting properties is like walking the gang plank. Banter back and forth on who you think will want which bedroom. Provide a measuring tape and pen and paper if they seem like they are trying to measure something up. Have them visualize themselves or their furniture in this rental. If the orange tree has ripe oranges on it I pass out oranges. They are really sweet oranges too.

Use these tips and work with your property management and I hope this helps you create attractive Ad copy. Lets get your rental filled!